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Breeding Agreement

If you choose to breed to PDF Lukes Like Art, please use the following instructions:
1. Sign & Return all Pages of the Breeding Contract to:
              Susan Wilcox
              Pipe Dreams Farm
              2691 Rio Oso Road, Rio Oso, CA  95674
2. Return Completed Transported Cooled Semen Agreement
3. Enclose Non-Refundable Booking Fee With Contract
4. Enclose Copy of Mares Papers (front & back)

         Once the STALLION OWNER has accepted and executed the Breeding Contract, your Original Copy will be returned.
         At the time that the mare is delivered to Pipe Dreams Farm for breeding, the following must accompany the mare:

          1. Current Negative Coggins Test  (Out of State Mares Only)
          2. A Negative Uterine Culture (for barren mares) Within 30 days
          3. A Current Veterinarian's State Health Certificate
          4. A Current Worming & Immunization Record
          5. A Completed Mare Disclosure Statement

At the time that the MARE OWNER is shipped cooled semen:
          1.  Breeding Fee Must be paid in full.
          2.  Shipped Semen Fee Must be paid in full.
                   At the time that the mare is released from the STALLION OWNER's premises, all fees and expenses
                   must be paid in full. - Paid to Susan Wilcox
If you have any questions, please contact Susan Wilcox, or
(530) 633-4325.


Stallion Breeding Contract

This contract is entered into and is between the undersigned Susan Wilcox known as "STALLION OWNER" and the undersigned "MARE OWNER. This contract sets forth the rights and responsibilities of the parties for the 2013-breeding season.  The stallion providing breeding services under this contract is PDF LUKES LIKE ART.
The mare to be bred is __________________________________, AQHA No. _______________________, or APHA No. _______________________, or JC No. ______________________________.

  1. MARE OWNER shall pay the breeding fee in the amount of $400 and A non-refundable booking fee of $400 which is payable upon execution of this agreement. The balance of the breeding fee ($400) together with all unpaid board and expenses, which shall be paid when the mare is retrieved. The mare will not be released to the owner or the owner's agent until all fees are paid to date. The STALLION OWNER shall have a possessory lien on the mare for all unpaid bills. In all cases where the Transported Cooled Semen is required, in that event, the entire breeding fee is payable in advance of shipping semen.
  2. MARE OWNER shall deliver the mare in a healthy and sound breeding condition free from infection or disease. MARE OWNER agrees that STALLION OWNER has permission to have the mare treated by a licensed veterinarian for pregnancy examination, and have reasonable and necessary veterinary services performed for any condition which might insure the mare's well-being as the STALLION OWNER deems necessary or proper at the expense of the MARE OWNER.  MARE OWNER shall provide a photocopy of both sides of the registration papers for the mare.  Also, a veterinarian's health certificate and worming and immunization record must accompany the mare. If said health documents do not accompany the mare the STALLION OWNER shall notify the MARE OWNER and may direct a licensed veterinarian to examine and/or test the mare at the MARE OWNER'S expense. STALLION OWNER reserves the right to refuse the mare if the mare is not in satisfactory condition. If the mare is refused, the booking fee shall constitute liquidated damages. A MARE OWNER may substitute another mare within that breeding season.
  3. MARE OWNER shall be invoiced at the first of each month for all interim expenses including but not limited to veterinary services, farrier services, special dietary services as well as board expenses. Said invoices are to be paid by MARE OWNER upon receipt of statement. Such charges shall be paid in full whether or not the mare is settled.
  4. STALLION OWNER shall attempt with reasonable diligence to settle the mare; if however, for any reason the mare does not settle, MARE OWNER will hold STALLION OWNER harmless.
  5. The breeding season begins February 1 and closes July 15 of the year covered by this contract.
  6. STALLION OWNER guarantees a live color foal from the breeding contracted for herein. "Live Foal" us defined as a foal that stands and nurses and color is defined as a foal eligible for regular APHA registration. Should the mare prove not to be in foal, aborts her foal or if the foal is still born, MARE OWNER shall notify the STALLION OWNER in writing with one week of the foaling date or the date the mare is proved not to be in foal or loses her foal. A written statement from a licensed veterinarian verifying that the mare has slipped or produced a non-viable foal must be sent to the STALLION OWNER.
  7. STALLION OWNER shall give the MARE OWNER a free season to the stallion the following year only, subject to the MARE OWNER paying a chute fee of $400 for the rebreeding year.
  8. In the event the mare aborts, the MARE OWNER shall certify to the STALLION OWNER that the mare was accurately and properly administered vaccines to prevent the mare from aborting; such as booster rhinopneumonitis vaccinations administered as indicated by the individual drug manufacturer.
  9. All parties agree that the STALLION OWNER or their agents or assigns are not liable for death, sickness or accident including consequential damages caused to the mare or foal.
  10. A breeder's certificate will be issued to MARE OWNER after all outstanding expenses have been paid and upon notification of the birth of the foal to the STALLION OWNER.
  11. This contract stall be governed by the Laws of the State of California and is hereby executed as of the date signed by the STALLION OWNER which date shall govern the effective dates of said contract.

Board per day:

Mare Owner: _____________________________


Date: ___________________

Dry Mares - $12.00
Wet Mares - $14.00

Address: _________________________________


Miscellaneous Charges:

Day Phone: _______________________________


Chute Fee - $400.00

Evening Phone: ____________________________

Susan Wilcox, Owner.
2691 Rio Oso Road

Rio Oso, CA   95674

(530) 633-4325

Blacksmith and Veterinary expenses as necessary.

Fax: _____________________________________

Email: ___________________________________

Mare Owner or Authorized Agent's Signature



IMPRESSIVE ART Transported Cooled Semen Agreement

This agreement is entered into on the date recorded below by "STALLION OWNER, Susan Wilcox, and the "MARE OWNER" whose name or signature appears below.
All parties agree that they have executed a breeding contract to breed the mare named below to Impressive Art, APHA No. 260,027.  In addition to the rights and duties placed upon all parties to the breeding contract, it is mutually agreed by all parties that good and sufficient consideration exists to execute this transported cooled semen agreement for the breeding season mentioned below.
All parties agree that every semen shipment to the MARE OWNER shall be at a cost of $250.00. This cost must be paid in advance of the shipment of semen.  In addition, prior to first shipment of semen, all breeding fees must be paid in full.

  1. The MARE OWNER certifies that STALLION OWNER is obligated to transport cooled semen to the address of record, which has been provided in writing prior to any shipment by the MARE OWNER. If the MARE OWNER requests more than one shipment, the semen will be shipped to the last known address of record provided by the MARE OWNER to the STALLION OWNER.
  2. The MARE OWNER certifies that the address of record for shipment is a suitable facility for the artificial insemination of the mare contracted to be bred. It is imperative that MARE OWNER's veterinarian be aware of mare's current breeding status and that she is, in fact, ready to breed. It is the STALLION OWNER’S stated preference that all semen shipments are made to and inseminations performed at established breeding farms. The mare owner certifies that only the mare that is the subject of the breeding contract shall be inseminated by the shipped semen of PDF LUKES LIKE ART.
  3. A contract for cooled semen does not guarantee that semen will be available on the day you submit your request. Mares to be bred to Impressive Art  in residence at STALLION OWNER’S will be given priority for semen.
  4. All requests for semen must be made by with 24 hour advance notice.
  5. Shipped semen may only be requested to ship on regularly scheduled breeding days at STALLION OWNER’S facility. Monday through Friday are breeding days.   NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. Cooled semen bookings will be, by necessity, of limited availability if the stallion's book fills with mares to be bred on the premises of STALLION OWNER.
  7. STALLION OWNER shall ship semen collected from Impressive Art in an appropriate chilled semen container by an overnight courier, such as Federal Express, Airborne, UPS, etc. to the address of record provided in writing by the MARE OWNER on the day when the semen is collected. If semen is needed the same day via an airline, if available, MARE OWNER will be responsible for the additional charge of $ 75.00 to counter to counter ship the semen. STALLION OWNER further certifies that the semen, when collected, will be of such a degree of mobility and motility so as to reasonably be acceptable for breeding.
  8. The MARE OWNER agrees to comply with all APHA association requirements concerning the use and handling of Transported Cooled Semen. The MARE OWNER shall properly send the appropriate copies of the Collection/Insemination Certificate to the breed association and to the STALLION OWNER at the address appearing below.
  9. The STALLION OWNER may refuse to make repeated shippings of cooled semen if the shippings as deemed by the STALLION OWNER will not reasonably lead to the successful insemination of the mare as contracted.
  10. All of the parties to this agreement agree that the obligations of performance by the STALLION OWNER shall be met when the chilled semen shipment is accepted at the address of record as provided by the MARE OWNER. Acceptance shall be defined as the contract expedited parcel delivery carrier actually delivering the shipment container to the address of record and receiving a signature from a representative of the address of record on the shipment documents maintained during the ordinary course of business by the contract expedited parcel delivery carrier. All parties to this agreement agree that the risk of loss transfers to the MARE OWNER upon acceptance of delivery.
  11. The STALLION OWNER and the MARE OWNER shall execute a "Transported Semen Breeders Certificate" and shall comply with any parentage verification as required by the American Paint Horse Association.

This agreement is limited to the breeding season for the year of 2013.

Address of Record (Location for Delivery of Shipped Semen):
Name of Facility: _____________________________________________________________________
Contact Person: ______________________________________________________________________
Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________Fax: ___________________Closest Airport______________________

Mare to be bred: ________________________________Registration #____________

(NOTE: Copy of Both Sides of Registration Papers MUST accompany this Agreement)

Signature of Mare Owner & Date

Print Mare Owner Name

Susan Wilcox


2691 Rio Oso Road
Rio Oso, CA   95674
(530) 633-4325