Riding Lessons and Packages

Lessons include matching the horse with the rider, how to groom, tack up, and ultimately how to ride a horse. 
Lessons are given in both English and Western Disciplines.
Students and Horses are matched with level of expertise.
Horses are available for students of all levels from beginning through advanced. 

Totally Integrated Training is a riding program based on developing respect and understanding for our regal and generous friend the horse.  Riders are introduced to the world of horses where they are automatically accepted as respected stewards and invited to experience the power and energy the horse offers to share with us.                     
          In the first 4 weeks students learn to control the horse at the walk and trot in the 3 basic seat positions for English riding as well as learning basic grooming, breeds, colors and equipment.
          Lessons are conducted by experienced trainers with many years’ experience working for trainers, teaching and managing horse facilities.
FEE - $50 per lesson based on 1 hour groups.  Groups are 2 to 3 riders. 
When there is
only 1 rider the lesson is ½ hour.
          All riders must wear an SEI or ASTM certified helmet and closed toed boots or shoes with a small heel.   Please no loose or hanging clothing, dangling jewelry or gum.

$75 per hour for advanced training in Hunter/Jumpers or Dressage is also available. 

For those who want to practice more, you may want to check out our leasing program allowing you to take lessons and access your horse for additional time on a monthly basis. 

Call for additional information.